Photo of the Day: Reflections on a Bean

"Reflections on a Bean" - Tracey Capone Photography © 2013

“Reflections on a Bean” – Tracey Capone Photography © 2013

Admittedly, I haven’t shot The Bean, in downtown Chicago, prior to this because, aside from having to deal with the large number of tourists I talked about in yesterday’s post, I have always tried to shy away from the blatantly touristy Chicago icons. That said, I wish I had shot it sooner, just for my own benefit because it was a lot of fun.

The shapes you see in this mirrored wonder are determined in part by where you stand. It ends up almost looking like Chicago in a fun house mirror in some spots but a beautiful reflection in a drop of water in others. There is an additional challenge of taking the shot while remaining inconspicuous because the last thing you want is a beautiful reflection of the city… and the photographer standing smack dab in the middle of the shot. While this can be corrected in post, I would much prefer keeping my photographs as close to the original, without a need for a lot of “blemish edits” as possible. So, I’m in the photograph, it’s just a matter of finding me. 🙂



Photo of the Day- The Green Mill

"The Green Mill" - Tracey Capone Photography

Today’s Photo of the Day, “The Green Mill” is one of my favorites for two reasons: 1. if you’ve been following my blog you know that I love all the vintage neon signs around Chicago and 2. The Green Mill, and the Uptown area (my first neighborhood in Chicago) has a rich Capone history, and I’m not just saying that because I lived there. 😉

Located on the Far Northside of Chicago, The Green Mill Cocktail Lounge dates back to the 1920s and legend has it that infamous gangster Al Capone had tunnels from the Green Mill to the nearby Aragon Ballroom so he could easily escape police during raids. (there’s actually a huge picture of him up on their piano… I wonder if I can get a free cocktail when I show them my license??)

Next door to another favorite of mine, The Uptown, this lounge has been used in a number of popular movies including “High Fidelity” with John Cusack and “The Lake House” with Keanu Reaves and Sandra Bullock.

If you make your way to Chicago, keep your eyes open for some amazing neon. Even when it’s not lit up, it’s amazing.



Tracey Capone Photography