Photo of the Day: Beginnings

"Beginnings" - Tracey Capone Photography © 2013

“Beginnings” – Tracey Capone Photography © 2013

I have always viewed Spring as a “fresh start.” All of the city-soot blackened snow is finally melted away, the crocus start to bloom, the buds start popping out on trees. (I’ll choose to ignore the fact that this also brings the pollen that wreaks havoc on me… it’s still a fair trade off) Thanks to an exciting collaboration with a friend, and truly gifted artist (more to come on that down the road!), the creative juices have been swirling non-stop over the last several days and I can’t wait until Spring hits Chicago full force. I am excited to get out with the camera and capture the rapid fire changes that are going to happen over the next few months. More importantly, I can’t wait to share!

Today’s Photo of the Day, “Beginnings,” was shot a few years ago, in Nashville, and pays homage to that fresh start of Spring. It was the beginning of April and I was walking around the Cheekwood Botanical Gardens. This one dogwood bud (if you recall, I am obsessed with them) was more advanced than the rest, standing out against the mid morning sun with it’s subtle touches of burgundy against the butter yellow.

If it was at all appropriate, I would camp out at the Chicago Botanical Gardens or Morton Arboretum so I can be there the second these little lovelies start blooming. Perhaps I would be able to capture another like [this one].



Photo(s) of the Day: Crimson & Cornouiller Rouge

"Cornouiller Rouge" - Tracey Capone Photography

Guilty as charged… more dogwoods. I’m sorrrrrrrrry. I can’t help myself. Remember my post from a few days ago where I mentioned that I took 200+ shots of dogwoods on my outing on Saturday? I wasn’t kidding. Don’t worry, I don’t plan on sharing 200+ dogwood photographs (maybe just 199?) Thankfully, my trip is coming up so there will definitely be a change of scenery, if you will… well, unless I run across a bunch of dogwoods on the drive between Manchester and Shannon.

Today’s Photos of the Day are “Crimson” and “Cornouiller Rouge.”  I love the patterns that clusters of dogwoods form, especially when they are a colorful butter yellow or red.

I promise to find new flowers to obsess over… or hey, maybe I could actually try taking more photographs of my wonderful city?



"Crimson" - Tracey Capone Photography

Photo(s) of the Day: My Obsession With Magnolias

"Reach" - Tracey Capone Photography

Second only to my obsession with dogwoods is my new found obsession with all things magnolia. Sure, they make a complete mess once all the flowers fall off but while they’re on the trees, aren’t they just amazing?

"Blush" - Tracey Capone Photography

Today’s Photo(s) of the Day are a few images I captured throughout Chicago in the last few weeks. After some really big wind storms and heavy rains, I was lucky to capture what I was able to. (now, back to my obsession with dogwoods because they’re starting to bloom here!) Next year, I will be completely prepared to capture them early on.



"Spring" - Tracey Capone Photography

Photo(s) of the Day: Magnolias No. 1 & 2

"Magnolia No. 1" - Tracey Capone Photography

Spring is in the air! And, while that means great things for the makers of Zyrtec and Claritin, it also means wonderful inspiration for photographers such as myself!

Yesterday, I headed out and about in Chicago to capture some of the blooms that are only around for a short period of time. First up are some of my favorites, the magnolias. In Chicago, it seems like the second we get a severely windy day, the magnolia flowers are off the trees quick as they came so I was very happy when I came across some beautiful, untouched blooms.

"Magnolia No. 2" - Tracey Capone Photography

Magnolia No. 1” and “Magnolia No. 2” are now available in my shop, along with a number of others perfect for a Spring motif.