Photo of the Day: Beginnings

"Beginnings" - Tracey Capone Photography © 2013

“Beginnings” – Tracey Capone Photography © 2013

I have always viewed Spring as a “fresh start.” All of the city-soot blackened snow is finally melted away, the crocus start to bloom, the buds start popping out on trees. (I’ll choose to ignore the fact that this also brings the pollen that wreaks havoc on me… it’s still a fair trade off) Thanks to an exciting collaboration with a friend, and truly gifted artist (more to come on that down the road!), the creative juices have been swirling non-stop over the last several days and I can’t wait until Spring hits Chicago full force. I am excited to get out with the camera and capture the rapid fire changes that are going to happen over the next few months. More importantly, I can’t wait to share!

Today’s Photo of the Day, “Beginnings,” was shot a few years ago, in Nashville, and pays homage to that fresh start of Spring. It was the beginning of April and I was walking around the Cheekwood Botanical Gardens. This one dogwood bud (if you recall, I am obsessed with them) was more advanced than the rest, standing out against the mid morning sun with it’s subtle touches of burgundy against the butter yellow.

If it was at all appropriate, I would camp out at the Chicago Botanical Gardens or Morton Arboretum so I can be there the second these little lovelies start blooming. Perhaps I would be able to capture another like [this one].



Photo(s) of the Day: Encoulement Triptych and the Beauty of Forging My Own Way

“Ecoulement No. 1” – Tracey Capone Photography © 2012

In the corporate world, it’s called, “best practices;”the world of group dance, it’s, “precision.” In the life of a cell, and the world of science, “mitosis.” All positive terminology and variations of taking an original and copying it either identically or just shy of it. None of them have any negative implications right? Having spent 16 years in the corporate world,  I know, first hand, that copying the success of others to produce the same, positive effect is celebrated, and many times required. (I won’t speak to the worlds of dance or science. While I took ballet for a number of years as a child, let’s say “precision” wasn’t my strong suit and most of what I recall about science has come from watching, “The Big Bang Theory.”)

What about when it comes to the arts? In comic illustration, the term, “swipe” means intentionally copying an earlier comic book cover without crediting the original artist. Plagiarism is the act of copying the thoughts, expressions and ideas of a another writer without permission or credit to them. Copyright infringement, piracy, theft; all terms thrown around in the art world, many of which have spurned laws that are not easily enforceable, or for that matter easily defined. The bottom line is, despite the very nebulous definitions of the terms, and the difficulties enforcing the laws surrounding them, you rarely hear a positive term for copying when it pertains to the art world. Just about the only time, that I can think of, when copying someone else is acceptable is a student/teacher relationship where technique is being taught. Beyond that though, once out in the world on their own, a student copying the works of their teacher is considered immoral and unacceptable, no?

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Photo of the Day – “Sonata”


"Sonata" - Tracey Capone Photography

“In nature, nothing is perfect and everything is perfect. Trees can be contorted, bent in weird ways, and they’re still beautiful.”  – Alice Walker

Photo of the Day: Platinum

"Platinum" - Tracey Capone Photography 2012

I promise… last dogwood photograph! They’re sort of becoming like mac n cheese. I LOVE mac n cheese, but, if I were to eat it every day for several weeks, I would slowly but sure grow tired of them. I don’t want that to happen with my favorite dogwood so I promise, I am stepping away from the computer… slowly. (I promise this now but, in an effort to procrastinate while getting ready for my trip, I may just get struck with a very coincidental urge to work on another of the 200+ photos… but I promise, I will try!)

Today’s Photo of the Day is “Platinum.” I wanted to try something a little different today as I have been focusing on the color of the dogwoods in other photos and wanted, instead, to bring focus to the beautiful patterns they create instead.

I suppose I should get back to knocking things off the ever growing list of things to do before I leave next week. I don’t know at what point it actually starts looking like I’m making a dent in it but hopefully that will be soon!


Photo(s) of the Day: Dogwoods

Cornouiller - Tracey Capone Photography 2012

About a week ago, I posted about my obsession with magnolias which sadly, are all but gone at this point, thanks to high winds and the ever changing season. However, with the changes in temperature and the advance of Spring comes my favorite flowering tree, the dogwood.

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