Photo of the Day – Monolith

"Monolith" - Tracey Capone Photography ยฉ 2013

“Monolith” – Tracey Capone Photography ยฉ 2013

It is a rare occasion when you can get a clean shot of the sites in downtown Chicago without having to work around the throngs of tourists vying for the perfect shot. Yesterday, as I was in need of a number of shots for a collaboration I’m working on (details to come soon… you’re going to love this!) I made sure I was downtown by 5 am in hopes of not only getting the photographsI needed but taking advantage of the beautiful light the sunrise over Lake Michigan provides.

It was a perfect morning. The temperatures were crisp but not cold, the sun was just starting to peek over the horizon and, outside of a few runners, the promenades in the park were perfectly clear.

Over the next few days, I will share more shots from my early morning shoot. Today, we’ll start with the Neo Monoliths in Millennium Park. I remember when I first moved back up to Chicago, the first time I drove past the park I almost drove off the road when I saw a giant face blinking at me. In the summer, this spot becomes a hot spot for the kids (including the adult sized ones) to run around under the water that spouts from the sides and their mouths. Without the crowds, I was able to take advantage of the wonderful reflective puddles on the ground and the perfect line the buildings along Michigan Avenue create.

Worth every minute of sleep lost having to get up early to get downtown.




21 thoughts on “Photo of the Day – Monolith

  1. This is refreshing. My memories of Chicago are of my dad when he was alive. The photo reflects on the daily hub-bub of the city the ritualistic cleansing right before the masses evade the space. It’s a beautiful photo, thanks for sharing ๐Ÿ™‚

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  3. The early bird and all of that… . It is so great to be about when the crowds are still sleeping and to capture a cityscape or landscape in the awesome dawn light. All too often a crowd or the people in genral can become a distraction in a shot. This photograph works fantastically on all levels Tracey from the composition, lighting and the feeling of emptiness in the city..a rarity

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